Saturday, September 25, 2010

whats this!? AN UPDATE!????

So i have a new (or rather continued) obsession....

its called Sherlock, but its like this new TV series on BBC, and just as awesome as the books!

So i doodled :I
Holmes 01
I have come to the conclusion that Victorian Holmes is now "Vicky Holmes" just to sortta shorten it... dunno what he'd think of that

Holmes 02
seriously though.... Benedict Cumberbatch (or Cucumber Patch as i frequently call him :T) has very stunning eyes, but i feel they would be just as stunning if they made his eyebrows match his hair....

Holmes 03
Derp Derp, Holmes is not amused by Mycroft's texts John, put the phone away... and Sherlock his bored with Vicky Holmes (no he's just being a jerk... and its awesome)


Francesca said...

That show! I really enjoyed that show!
Cumberbatch and Freeman did a really great job with their versions of the characters.
You've got a great blog going! I look forward to seeing more!

Natalie said...

Yeah it is the shiz! i really enjoy it!!!

Thanks so much!!!!